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Spring 2014

April 1 Update:

*Private Lesson info is now updated, with a great new pricing structure for 2014.

*A new Team Captain's Job Description, recently approved by the Program Committee, is here: 2014 Captains Job Description. Please consider leading your team!

*Saturday April 5th 9:30am, Adult Team Info Session at the Boat House with Lead Coach and Program Director. We will go over what's new and improved for 2014 and have some Q and A time.


2014 Team Highlights:

1. Novice; Novices are now introduced to our club through a New Member Class. We've realigned our Learn to Row structure into New Member Classes (for new Novices) and Community Rows, for those that just want to give rowing a try. I highly recommend taking a look at the Adult LTR page to learn about these exciting new options, and then tell all of your friends. Michael Nicholls is our Lead Novice Coach and also in charge of these programs.


There will be plenty of opportunity for club members to help out with New Member and Community Row classes. We will also be using a stipend system for those that are frequent-helpers. More info to come on that program.


2. White/Green; We've changed the design of the White and Green Teams and now participation is based on racing intention rather than criteria and selection. We expect Green to be the larger group and we will be sub-grouping rowers within the Team to ease boating and regatta preparation.


3. Racing Men; as we did last fall, there are two sessions in the mornings, coached by our Lead Coach, for MRC Men preparing for races. B/c our men's population is low, we merged Green and Comp; hence "Racing Men" is born. We will also experiment with dedicated Mixed racing boats on these days.


4. Competitive Masters; Craig Dodson will assist John Davis at least once/per week through the spring and summer. Leading the charge to Master Nationals in August.


5. Competitive Open/U23; We've hired a full-time coach for this position and will be using an assistant as well. We are excited to set up a cooperative effort with the Open Program working for stipend and volunteer time with the New Member and Community Row classes, with the direct result being a much lower coach to athlete ratio.


6. Juniors; Full-time, three-season rowing for our newly expanded Junior Team under Junior Lead Coach, Vicki Larson.


7. All Teams; We will be instituting club-wide Race Day Saturdays and we are committed to getting video feedback integrated at some level into all teams.


March 26th Update:
*Most ergs are in the house (about 16). These are available for use by current members, but priority will be given to the organized sessions below.
*Junior Team has regular erg practices Mon-Fri 4:00-5:30pm.
*Adult Teams will begin spring schedule on April 14th; until then, all MRC members are welcome to attend erg/strength sessions with John Davis Mon 5:30-7:00pm Wed 5:30-7:00pm Sat 6:30am-8:00am or 8:00am-9:30am. Sessions are "no fee" but you must sign up on the wiki. Wiki link is under "Mini Clinics"

March 31st Update: Details of the Adult Team Summer Schedule can be found here: 2014 Summer Team Schedule. We will begin Spring schedule on April 14th, which will be a reduced version of the summer schedule. Wiki will be updated with this information soon. All Team pages are now up to date and registration is open for Adult and Junior Teams. Junior Learn to Row is open and Adult Learn to Row will open on April 21st (though schedule is posted).

Sign up for the Erg Race Fundraiser - 4/26/2014
Adult and Junior Membership Dues for the 2014 Season: $365
Collegiate Membership Dues for the 2014 Season: $265

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The Minneapolis Rowing Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and admits members of any race, color, sexual orientation, religion, gender and national or ethnic origin


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